Recurring payments

Learn how to accept recurring payments with our Payments API v3


This feature is currently in Beta

Recurring payments are currently available to a limited number of clients. To get access to our Beta product, contact our Sales team.

With Variable Recurring Payments, you can accept payments on a recurring basis by setting up a mandate between you and your user.

Once you've set up an authorised mandate, you can accept payments for:

  • Fixed subscriptions: A recurring transaction made at regular intervals for a product or a service.
  • Variable subscriptions: Transactions that occur on a non-fixed schedule using the details in the mandate.
  • Ad hoc background payments

Payment journey

To set up a recurring payment, your user has to authorise a payment mandate. A mandate is an agreement of the authorisation that a customer has given you to take payments from their payment account.

At a high level, the steps required to progress a user to making a payment are as follows:

  1. Define the mandate and consent parameters, and set up the mandate to be authorised.
  2. Send your user through a mandate authorisation journey.
  3. Make a payment within the consent parameters defined on the mandate.
  4. Receive status updates on the payment attempt, and receive funds.


Create a payment mandate

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