Development quickstart

Learn how to set up your TrueLayer account and build your first integration.

To use TrueLayer's APIs for your app, you will need API keys. You can get the required API keys on your Console.

You will need two different API keys:

API keyDescription
client_idUnique string identifying your application
client_secretSecret key used to authenticate your application

There are two environments where you can build with TrueLayer:

SandboxStart building your apps in a test environment
LiveGo live with real banks and data

In this section, we'll go through the steps to build with TrueLayer in the sandbox environment.

When you want to call any TrueLayer APIs, you'll need an access token. Without a valid access token, we'll reject any requests made to our API endpoints. This access token is unique for each of our different APIs.


We provide a sandbox environment where you can test your integration without requiring live bank accounts. All account data and transactions are completely segregated from the production environment.

The sandbox environment provides the Console to manage your account, the Data API, the Payments API, the PayDirect API, the Verification API, and the Payouts API.

When you create an account on our Console, you'll get access to our sandbox environment. You can go to our live environment by switching the toggle on the top menu bar.

Note that the sandbox does not include a full bank simulation with consistent bank accounts, it is only intended to facilitate API testing.

User logins and TrueLayer platform accounts

Your login to the TrueLayer platform is either via single-sign-on (using your Google or Github accounts), or with your email address and password. When you create your login for the first time, you will navigate through our registration wizard to set up your TrueLayer account.

Sandbox accounts and production accounts

Your sandbox environment has its own client_id and client_secret. These value are used to create access tokens to call our APIs. Your sandbox account client_id will always have the prefix sandbox-. You can't add this prefix to a production account client_id.



Sandbox client credentials can't be used to create a production access token and sandbox access tokens can't be used to call production API endpoints.

The production environment has no access to the sandbox environment. Resources created in the sandbox cannot be accessed via production APIs. For example, if a payment is created in the sandbox, an attempt to GET the payment resource in the production environment will return a 404 response. Similarly, when the Data API is used to retrieve banking data within the sandbox environment, this data will not be accessible from within the production environment.

Sandbox API endpoints

API endpoints for the sandbox are the same as in production, but instead of ending with the domain, they all end with the domain

Next steps

Follow the guides to try out our Postman collections for our APIs:

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