Optional single payment features

Optional settings

In order to use the Payments API for single payments, you need to:

However, in addition to this, there are also optional features you can enable, tasks you can perform, and configurations you can add.

You can enable name and age verification for single payments to your merchant account. This can be useful for businesses that need to check a user's age or name before accepting payments, such as pharmaceuticals or igaming.

With this enabled, payments settle in a suspense account TrueLayer owns. They are then checked to ensure the name on the account matches your user, or that they're over 18 years old. If the check is successful, the payment is forwarded to your merchant account.

Payments can take several days to settle in your account, such as when they're made over the SEPA Credit scheme in Europe. However, sometimes the chance of these payments settling is very high. You can use credit notifications to tell you when a payment is likely to settle, and then credit your user or provider services before payment settlement. This can greatly improve your user experience.

Credit notifications have a variety of possible behaviours you can choose from. As such, they're a flexible solution that are suitable for a variety of business use cases and to reduce your risk.

We recommend monitoring all of your payments with webhooks for real-time updates. However, you can use the GET /v3/payments/{id}endpoint to retrieve more information about an individual payment.

Some EU banks need the user to provide their IBAN in the provider selection and payment authorisation flow. However, you can store a user's IBAN after they use it and prepopulate it in future payments, greatly improving the returning user experience.

You can cancel a payment up until it enters the executed status by making a POST request to the /v3/payments/{id}/actions/cancel endpoint. You might want to cancel a payment after a set period if it never leaves the authorizing status.